Be a Part of the 2023 Summer Reading Club Decorations!

Summer Decorations 2022

This summer’s theme is “All Together Now: Kindness, Friendship and Unity” and we want to feature the children of our community throughout our themed decorations.

To participate, we ask that you submit 3 headshots of your child holding a photograph that shows family members from a past generation.

  • Please ask your child to hold the family photo close to their face.  The headshots will be cropped to include only their head, shoulders and mid chest.
  • Please dress your child in a solid colored shirt and if possible, take the photo against a solid colored background.
  • Please no group photos. Each child’s picture should be as an individual.
  • All images that are used will be displayed for the entire year. 
  • Photos should be of children birth to those entering 6th grade.
  • Photos should be emailed to *Please include the child’s full name and age. 
  • *The deadline for submitting photos is Friday, March 31, 2023.
  • Please use the sample images below as a model for your photograph.

Here are some examples:

Photo: Pok Chi Lau

Tips for taking your photos:

  • You may use a smartphone, however if you have a digital camera the print-outs will be clearer.
  • Please submit high-quality JPEG or TIFF files.
  • When taking photos:
    • Shoot full face including head, shoulders and mid chest.  
    • The brighter the picture, the better.
    • If it’s a sunny day, shoot pictures in the shade to avoid shadow. 
    • Take the picture with the sun behind the photographer.