Tips for Reading Aloud

Librarian reading to children.








Reading to a group of children? Here are some tips:

First, pick a book you enjoy.
• Think about the kids…will they like the book?
• Practice reading the book in front of a mirror.

Introduce Yourself!
• Smile, tell the kids your name, and tell them something interesting about you.

Explain why you are reading.
• Tell the children that reading is important because it is a life long skill.
• Explain why you picked the book.

Introduce the book.
• Give the title and author.
• Show the book cover, the illustrations, and ask questions.
• Answer the children’s questions.

Begin Reading.
• Show enthusiasm!
• Use inflection in your voice!
• Get the children’s attention!
• Read slowly.
• Ask questions as you read. (Key questions)
• Encourage participation.
• Have the children predict what will happen next in the story.
• Have a good time! (This should be enjoyable for you too!)

After Reading
• Discuss the book.
• Ask questions and encourage answers! e.g. (Did you like the book?, Which character was your favorite?, Did you like the ending? and Can you make up a different ending to the story?)

Leave with a smile on your face!
• Tell the children that you would love to read to them again!

• You have just done something wonderful!
• Feel good about what you have just done!
• Next time you will even be BETTER.

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